Thursday, October 8, 2015

Mind and Body Cleanse

When you hear the word cleanse, does your body clench up and your mind immediately assumes STARVATION? I'm not down with that... at all.  However, I need to get back on track with my daily routine and want to take it up a notch before the holidays come crashing down.

Often cleanses and programs focus only on restricting calories and food, but lack holistically.  I want to "clean" my digestive system and my mind. Clear out the clutter and, hopefully, feel a little lighter, happier, and ready to tackle the stresses that come with too much turkey, pumpkin pie, and shopping bags.

I've broken this up into two parts: mind/soul and body, but each component ties together and is just as important as the other.  So, without further ado...

  • Room temp/ warm water w/ fresh lemon juice before any food/ drink in the AM
  • Real Food Only
    • Lean Meat/ Seafood (organic, grass fed if possible)
    • No Refined Sugar
    • No Gluten or Processed Foods
  • No Dairy 
  • No Alcohol
  • No Caffeine (if you are a heavy drinker, I suggest switching to green tea to avoid headaches)
  • One Raw Meal/ Day
  • Limit meat to 3 ounces/ day (or less)
  • Fast for 12 hours every night (last food at 8pm, do not eat again until 8am)
  • Sleep: seven hours minimum/ night (I will be aiming for 8-9hrs/ night.  If you can't get the amount you need for maximum restfulness each night, aim to get it at least every other night)
  • Meditate: one time minimum/ day (I like to do three times per day - morning, afternoon, and evening). Meditation can be done while laying, sitting, or even walking.  
  • Mindfulness: be considerate in every action - brushing teeth, walking, grocery shopping, etc!
  • Sleep with phone away from bed (either across the room, or even better, in a separate room)
  • One hour No Phone before bed (the backlight on phones is known to cause sleep issues)
  • No television 
  • No rushing.  Take your time.  Be mindful of each step. 
  • Declutter your bedroom (and living space if possible)
  • No gossip or unkind words about others
  • Get outside as much as possible... talk a walk, put your feet in the grass, enjoy the air! 
  • Move! Every hour, move for at least five minutes.  Take a lap around the office:)
I'm going to provide additional information, resources, and tips too! And feel free to ask questions.  Adjustments can always be made as necessary.  Plus, any of these things are great things to implement into your daily life for positive change. 

That's the best thing about this cleanse... it's not depleting anything you need!!  

DISCLAIMER: This is a program I've set up for myself, with knowledge that I am in good health and can follow the program without risk.  As always, you should consult your doctor before starting a health program.  

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