Thursday, February 27, 2014

Finding Time for Fitness

Being a single mom in NYC definitely doesn't leave me with much extra time. Actually there is never any extra time other than the couple hours between the mini going to bed and my bedtime, unless I enlist the paid help of a sitter. But I have gotten so sick of avoiding swimsuits and shorts summer after summer that I decided it was time to fill up my free time in the evening with fitness instead of wine and Breaking Bad (though I still do that too!). 

I also found a little motivation from the #seltering Instagram sensation Jen Selter. Jen is known for squats and a couple other signature moves that have increased her derriere quite significantly. 

One night I decided to hop on YouTube and find a good squat routine that I could do at home. Almost instantly, I found the aptly named "The Most Effective Squat Challenge," a workout featuring 10 different squats, 10 reps each, for a total of 100 squats. 

I started doing the video two to three times a week, but then decided to up the challenge by doing the video daily for 21 days (21 days to develop a habit). And I did the video, day after day for a total of around 25 days. My legs wanted to explode when I reached the final days. 

Then I did something dangerous... I tried on my skinny jeans. No, not those skinny jeans. I'm talkin' the skinny jeans at the bottom of your drawer. Those jeans that haven't fit for a while, but one day, one day, you are determined to get back into them. And you know what, they fit. Those babies fit perfectly. Nice and snug on my legs and butt, while perfectly fitted to my waste. Not gap. No muffin top. Just pure denim perfection. 

 Then I did something else. I tried on a mini dress that I hadn't worn for two years. Last time I tried it on, I could barely get it past my thighs, and once I did, the material started weeping. Ha! It was begging me to stop the torture. But not this time. Nope. Just like the jeans, the dress fit every inch to perfection. And I did a happy dance. Seriously. 

25 days. 2500 squats. No dieting, no cardio, just squats. 

That said, I've now started going to the gym several times a week for cardio, and I hope to do more strength training in the near future. I've added a few new things to my squat routine, and I'm doing three days on, one day off, three days on, well, you get it. 

Here's the link to 100 squat video:The Most Effective Squat Challenge (YouTube)

Let me know if you try it and what you think. There are some other cool resources that I'll post on the blog soon eventually.

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